Saturday, 6 November 2010

Winter booties

Know what I really dont get? Items of clothing that dont do what they're supposed to! Like gorgeous fur lined boots that would be perfect for keeping your feet toastie warm in winter - except that the toe is completely missing! Boggles my mind.

But talking of boots I wanted to mention a few pairs I've spotted and would really like to get my hands on!

have a great weekend =)


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog,hope you can start following me,that would be great!
    I don't get boots with toes missing either!? Hehe!

  2. I love the grey studded ones with the zipper on the side. You have good taste!!

  3. Hi Sam! Just started following you (thought I already was so you can tell I'm new to this blogging thing!)

    Hey Kate! I adore those too! I never used to like grey but the more I see it the more the colour grows on me

  4. I luv those boots!! My fav was the first one...i need to get me some =)

    Super cute blog Doll! =)

  5. love the boots, my fav is the first one, but not the ones with the toes missing. Don't understand why you would want boots with the toes missing, lol xxx