Monday, 29 November 2010

Nars blush in Orgasm

After hearing so many bloggers rave about this I finally decided to bite the bullet and order it online. At £19.50 it was far from inexpensive but hopefully I'll wear it so much it'll be worth it!

I love this's beautifully sheer! And to be honest, I notice the glitter in the pan but not on me, which is probably a good thing I keep my makeup fairly natural. I've had it for about 3 weeks now, and I still don't get tired of opening it up and gazing at it...weird, I know!

Wish it had a little more staying power for the price, but I can live with it, just means I pop it in my bag when I'm going out =)

The packaging does get quite dirty, kind of like my MAC eye shadow palette. I just use one of my makeup wipes to clean it every once it a while because it's a rubbish-ish texture (hard to explain!) so it looks messy easily

have you tried this? were you as pleased as me with it?


  1. I wear this often and a few other Nars blushes as well. Angelika is my fav. I love that Orgasm has buildable coverage. I can wear it sheer or brighter if I wish. The color is just perfect for everyday wear.

  2. I have a NARS blush in Luster but Orgasm actually just leaves a lot of shimmer on my face with very little of the colour. *shrug* I was disappointed at first but there are so many other great blushes to try!

  3. Yeah I have it, but I don't use that often as I hoped. But this post reminded me that I have it I might hacve to start using it again :)