Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hello out there?.... =)

Hello everyone

It feels a bit weird to be talkng to no one but I suppose we all have to start blogging this way. I have been browsing all your lovely beauty blogs for ages now and decided to jump in at the deep end and try this out myself.

It looks like fun and I might not be a professional but I certainly have lots of opinions and tips when it comes to all things fashion and beauty related =)

I am going to start with a list of my favourite things to give you an idea what I'm like!

1. My husband. We've only been married 2 years but he is the love of my life
2. My MAC lip glosses. shallow I know but I use them every single day so what's not to love?!
3. Chocolate
4. The colour pink
5. Cecelia Ahern books
6. Coffee. I drink at least 5 cups every day
7. My family and pets. We have 2 cats and 2 kittens
8. Soaps and cheesy girly films
9. YSL makeup. It's so expensive but I really like the few items that I own
10. Chanel number 5

I guess thats all for now =)

(image from google!)

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