Wednesday, 3 November 2010

MAC tartan collection!

I was really excited about the Venomous Villians collection and bought way to many items from it and I am even more excited about this one! I know tartan isn't for everyone and I know a lot of people who would be put of this collection just because of the packaging but I think its gorgeous.

Like most of you lovely bloggers out there I probably wont actually need anything from this range but thats certainly not going to stop me buying anything =)

Is it not just the most christmassy collection you ever saw? Well the red ones anyway! =)


  1. Thanks for the comment and follow! I was enticed by the brown nail polish with gold flecks from this collection, but now I'm seriously thinking about one of the brush sets. These limited edition collections are serious roadblocks to my mission!

  2. I'm loving anything brown or red at the minute so I could definitely be tempted by the polish. Limited editions are a nightmare because I always jump in and buy stuff I dont need because I know it wont be around for long. Not smart!